29 Feb 2016 General Election 2016 - Overview »

General Election 2016 - Overview

Summary The outgoing Fine Gael/Labour Government was heavily defeated, with the parties moving from winning 55.5% electoral support in 2011 to 31.1% now. Fianna Fáil made the biggest gains in support followed by independents and Sinn Fein. The result of the election is that a combination of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael seems to represent the only politically viable parliamentary option to support a government. It may take several weeks or longer for a new government to emerge, during which time Fine Gael will provide an acting government No radical policy shifts are likely,...

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8 May 2015 A Disunited Kingdom Considers EU Exit »

A Disunited Kingdom Considers EU Exit

Should Irish Business Fear Cameron’s Triumph? Will election pollsters ever be believed again! Until 10pm last night, the polls were predicting that the UK would need a new coalition led by either the Labour or Conservative Parties. Our nearest neighbour looked set to have to further its familiarity with the haggling and horse-trading of coalition building that here in Ireland we take for granted.  Smaller parties and particularly the so called “Celtic Fringe” of the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the DUP were expected to hold the sort of pivotal positions enjoyed in Ireland by the...

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